Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chemistry courses in UK

Our Chemistry degree is designed to provide you with a sound, fundamental knowledge of the subject and the practical skills to operate successfully in areas such as drug research, environmental analysis and forensic science.
Chemistry degrees at the UWS are recognised by employers as having a strong analytical and applications focus, which are a good preparation for work in many industries. Throughout your studies, you will be encouraged to develop professional skills through practical and project work, problem-solving skills with the aid of computer technology, plus the analytical and communication skills which are expected of the modern scientist. The broad-based structure of the course offers you a range of options to suit your desired career. This can involve selecting optional topics such as Forensic Science or Pharmaceutical Science or by choosing an Honours year research project in an area such as nano-technology or environmental science.
It is also possible to develop an interest by finding a work placement in a particular industry. Although the programme has a strong academic content, it also provides students with opportunities for direct, hands-on experience with modern chemical instruments particularly in the areas of analytical chemistry and in health-related fields. In addition, much of the teaching, especially in later years, is carried out in relatively small groups giving students ample opportunity to explore the subjects in greater depth. It is these aspects of the programme that give our students an advantage when seeking employment.

more details : www.study-uk.info

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