Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Computer-Aided Design

There is increasing pressure on manufacturing organisations to be more productive and efficient and pro-active to market needs. This has meant that manufacturers have had to adopt new, faster and functionally advanced design, manufacturing and communication tools in order to maintain a competitive advantage. Current computer modelling techniques enable sophisticated design software to be used at an early stage in the design, prototype development and manufacture of a product.
The course is a tertiary level, two-year programme of study which will provide students with the opportunity to enhance existing qualifications in design, or a related area, to degree and Honours level. The course focuses on the selection, use and development of modern design and development software tools.
During your studies you will gain experience of using sophisticated CAD/CAM packages, analysis software, prototyping systems and ancillary equipment. You will also be introduced to modern communications technologies, which enable quick responses to supplier organisations, customers and the global marketplace.
The degree programme provides students with hands-on experience of the basic principles and on the application of CAD/CAM, associated systems and techniques. The Honours year will provide students with a more in-depth knowledge of the broader spectrum of design and manufacturing systems and the importance of systems integration. Students will also undertake both individual and group-based projects in an appropriate subject area.

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