Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Motorsport Design Engineering

Courses in automotive and motorsport engineering have been delivered at Hamilton Campus since 1984. The BEng Honours degree in motorsport engineering is the only course of its kind in Scotland. Our graduates work in many vehicle manufacturers, component manufacturers and racing teams.
This programme aims first and foremost to prepare students for a career as a design engineer, then as a motorsport engineer. Some students will have a keen desire to work in motorsport, and we aim to provide them with the key skills that will give them a good start in this industry. Equally some students will undertake this course because they have a passion for vehicles and motorsports and want to learn more about them while gaining a qualification that prepares them for a career as a design engineer in any branch of engineering.
We aim to prepare students for employment as designers and engineers. The generic analytical and design skills sets developed will serve equally well in any area of engineering while many of the ‘motorsport’ skills developed in areas such as data acquisition and weight efficient design are highly transferable to other industries.
The aim is to provide practical experiences as well as theoretical study. Students will have opportunities to work on motorsport vehicles and to attend and take part in test sessions at a racing circuit. Subject to insurance and licensing conditions, students will have opportunities to drive motorsport vehicles. Many of our previous students have taken part in the International Formula Student competition, now held at Silverstone Racing circuit. This requires the team to conceive, design, manufacture and develop a small single seater racing car, and then compete against some of the top European and worldwide Universities. This involves both driving events, design evaluation and business presentations.
We have recently upgraded our product design computer laboratories to the latest workstation specification, and you will be taught using the industry leading Pro-Engineer Wildfire Design and Simulation software. A new Engineering Centre with fully-equipped manufacturing, and motorsport workshops, polymer engineering facilities, fully-equipped model making and prototyping studio and assembly and welding laboratories, recently opened on the campus. There are also state-of-the-art teaching facilities and social and recreational space. We have invested in similar equipment used by many race and rally teams and you will have an opportunity to gain useful experience setting up and racing engineering competition vehicles.

more details : www.study-uk.info

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