Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Swine flu UK

Information and guidelines on swine flu are now available online to all staff and students.
Ayr College is monitoring all advice from the World Health Organisation, Scottish and UK governments,Foreign and Commonwealth Office and public health authorities to provide a comprehensive information service to our staff and students on the possible threat of swine influenza in the UK.
Ayr College has systems in place to guide students and staff to the very latest health information and travel advice that might be issued from those authorities working to monitor this situation.
For further information and guidelines on Influenza and Pandemic Flu please follow the links below.
Health Protection Scotland website
Department of Health website
World Health Organization website
National Health Service website
Health Protection Agency website
The information leaflet that will be issued to all homes is published on the government site Directgov website.
Read Health Protection Scotland's Infection Control document

more details : www.study-uk.info

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