Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Physics with Medical Technology/Multimedia

The Physics with Medical Technology course is designed to provide a solid grounding in key areas of physics along with a special focus on the application of physics to medicine. It covers the full range of technologies used in modern hospitals including magnetic resonance imaging, radiotherapy, CAT scanning and ultrasound. Physics is finding more and more applications in medicine and the Physics with Medical Technology degree will put you in a perfect position to take advantage of many new opportunities.
The University’s degree is the only one of its kind in Scotland. Developed in close collaboration with staff from the National Health Service, topics in physics are taught by professionally-qualified academic staff in physics at the University, and topics in medical technologies are taught by staff from hospitals in Glasgow and the West of Scotland. During your studies, you will have a substantial placement in a hospital or medical devices company, to allow you to carry out one or two projects on particular aspects of medical physics or medical technology in a real clinical or business environment.
The Physics degrees at the University have been accredited by the Institute of Physics (IoP). As such, you may be eligible to apply for an IoP bursary, worth £3000 over four years. Further details on the criterion for award of these bursaries may be obtained by phoning +44 (0)141 848 3630.
Like the course in Physics with Medical Technology, the Physics with Multimedia course is based on core topics in physics, with additional multimedia classes taken each year. These can cover a range of topics including multimedia design and authoring, programming, learning technologies and networked multimedia. In these topics, the course takes advantage of the University’s huge investment in multimedia technologies and experience in running multimedia technology courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
more details : www.study-uk.info

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