Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Psychology (BSc)

The principal aim of the Psychology degree is to allow you to develop a critical understanding of the methods and approaches within this discipline. Throughout the programme of study, you will develop a range of generic, transferable skills, valued by today’s employers, including IT, numeracy, group work, communication and problem-solving.
Initially, the course offers a broad overview of scientific study, providing the opportunity to gain an understanding of the range of outlooks and methods within science and emphasis on the interdependency of approaches. You will go on to develop a deeper awareness of psychology methods and methodology.
In Years 3 and 4 emphasis is clearly placed on developing an understanding and awareness of core psychology areas including: social and developmental psychology, and biological basis of behaviour and perception. Your critical and analytical skills will be further developed. In addition to studying modules like cognition, language and individual differences, you will address issues about psychological theory and undertake an in-depth study of a subject of your choice for your dissertation. more details : www.study-uk.info

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